Portrait of the artist

Orysia Sinitowich-Gorski

  • Hafford, Saskatchewan
  • Third generation Ukrainian Canadian
  • Hafford, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg
  • Post-secondary education, nursing, and medical technology
  • Studied art under the instruction of nationally and internationally-renowned artists Taras Koral and Nikola Bjelajac
  • Married to Dr. Bronislaw Gorski (1935 - 2010). They have three children, Chrystia, Tamara, and Antos, and six grandchildren, Ruslana Orysia, Boyan Anton, Oriana Kateryna, Aiden Christopher, Isla True, Maya Jane and Ava
  • Accomplished in a variety of artistic genres, including painting, drawing, and music (vocal and instrumental)

In the News

March - June 2015

Two hundred year memorial of Taras Shevchenko, Her artwork Shevchenko was presented to Deputy Mayor Mike Pagtakhan for permanent collection at Winnipeg City Hall.

June 11, 2010


Manitoba Artist's Painting Commemorates Ukrainian Holocaust

Joined by local survivors of the Holodomor, Premier Greg Selinger unveiled today a permanent installation of a work of art depicting the plight of millions of Ukrainians.

"This moving portrait represents Holodomor, the Ukrainian Holocaust, a dark period in human history," said Selinger. "Created by Ukrainian-Canadian artist, Orysia Sinitowich-Gorski, Holodomor–Genocide #2 depicts past tragedy but also offers hope that such inhumanity will never be repeated."

Any acrylic on canvas work, the painting commemorates the Holodomor Years of 1932 to 33 in Ukraine when millions of people died of starvation through the actions of the Joseph Stalin regime. The painting was originally purchased by Manitoba for the provincial art collection in 2008 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian Holodomor-Holocaust.

"Ms. Sinitowich-Gorski has given us a stirring reminder of why we must always learn from the past," said Selinger. "Her choice of a young child as the central figure in the painting symbolizes the vulnerability of the human condition and the promise of a better future."

Sinitowich-Gorski is a third generation Ukrainian-Canadian who studied with Winnipeg artists and teachers including Nikola Bjeljac and the late Taras Korol. Winnipeg is home to a large Ukrainian community, some of who are Holodomor survivors who attended today's ceremony.


Art Exhibits


March 2013
Plast Exhibit
Plastova Domivka
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Oct 2007
XXII Ukrainian Canadian Congress [UCC]
Fairmont Hotel
Winnipeg, Manitoba

June 21-24, 2007
UMANA - XXXII Assembly
Soyuzivka Resort and Convention Centre
Kerhonkson, N. Y.

August 13-17, 2007
Folklorama, Kiev Pavillion
Winnipeg, Manitoba

August 2008
Folklorama, Kiev Pavillion
Winnipeg, Manitoba

August 2009
Folklorama, Kiev Pavillion
Winnipeg, Manitoba

August 2010
Folklorama, Kiev Pavillion
Winnipeg, Manitoba

August 2011
Folklorama, Kiev Pavillion
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sept 15-27, 2007
Ukrainian Museum of Canada
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sept 30, 2007
Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre
Edmonton, Alberta

April 1-2, 2006
St Katherine Orthodox Church Cultural Centre
Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota

October 1-3, 2004
The Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Education Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Forum Art Annual Art Exhibition
Winnipeg, Manitoba
June, 1998
June, 1999
June, 2000
June, 2001
June, 2002
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