Book Cover - Recapturing Democracy by Mark Purcell of the University Of Washington, Associate Professor of Urban Design and Planning.
"Cover art: Reproduced from: "Democracy?" (2003). Acrylic, 33½" x 41" by Orysia Sinitowich-Gorski. Her art often reflects the concerns of the past, present and future of her ancestral homeland, Ukraine. Reproduced with kind permission of the artist."
  - Publisher: Routledge,Taylor and Francis Group More.

Published in The Ukrainian Weekly, August 12, 2007
"...the art of Orysia Sinitowich-Gorski... was the featured art exhibit at the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA) XXXII Assembly of Delegates and XXXIX Scientific Conference"  More.

Published in The Ukrainian Weekly, April 15, 2005
" The focal point of the exhibit was the artist's striking artistic homage to the 1932-33 Holodomor/Famine-Genocide in Ukraine through her work of the same title."  More.
Holos/Voice No. 2(91), March-April, 2006, p. 20
Exhibition of paintings by a Ukrainian artist from Canada, Mrs. Orysia Sinitowich-Gorski  More.
Leo Mol, world-renowned sculptor-artist
"Her portraits reveal awareness of form and desire to capture the individuality of her subjects."  More.
Peter Grant, media personality
"She is able to portray the steely determination on the faces of the crowd as they demand freedom. We see both the life-worn leather-lined faces of elders and the exuberant brashness of youth."  More.
Dr Taras Snihurowycz, iconographer
"My wife and I were very fortunate to experience something and be pleasantly touched by your recent exhibition."  More.
Nykola ("Nik") Bjelajac, Artist, Professor of Art,
"Never be little the arueture in any activity of life. For the English Aruetures are noted world wide for their contributions in science and the arts.  More.
Review by A.S.P.
"The weekend of October 1-3, 2004 marked the debut exhibit of art works by local artist and prominent member of Winnipeg's Ukrainian community Orysia Sinitowich-Gorski."  More.